Ngukirri Foundation

Ngukirri Foundation

‘Ngukirri’ meaning ‘to give’ in Ngemba Weilwan Language.

Sharon Winsor  Founder & managing Director of Indigiearth. In 1997 Sharon gave birth to her first child, a son, Ngukirri. Full term, Ngukirri was still born. Ngukirri had a hole in his heart. Depression took hold of Sharon’s life and a life long journey of healing began. Sharon went on to have 2 more children, Kirralaa (meaning Star) and Maliyan (meaning Wedgetail Eagle). Over the course of the last 25 years, plans started taking place to establish a foundation in memory of Ngukirri, with a desire and passion to give back to community. 

Our foundation will support Aboriginal women and families who have stillborn children. We will soon be releasing our culturally sensitive care pack that will be provided to parents during a time of hardship and unbelievable amount of pain and grief. Our Ngukirri care pack will include items to honour and cherish the small amount of time given with baby. Items that will provide a small amount of comfort during a very hard time. 

Aboriginal women are 50% more likely than non Aboriginal women to have stillborn children. This is an alarming rate and we will do our best to help and support women during such horrific times. 


A note from Sharon:

Thankyou for taking the time to read.
Ngukirri, my first born, 24 years ago, the pain never leaves, doesn’t stop and doesn’t end. Healing will never be complete. Each year actually becomes harder. 24 years ago, still births were not spoken about much, and almost looked upon as a forbidden topic to discuss. The lack of support in the hospital was not great and we were almost shunned aside and totally removed. It was a very clinical and cold process for me.

Counselling support services were few and far between and done little to help me, actually nothing to help me. I then leaned on my cultural heritage and spirituality to offer some healing, to relieve the heartache to be able to get out of bed each day. During this time in my life, I had already started business 2 years prior, I had let it lay dormant for a little time as I could not even function from day to day. Needing my culture for some healing, I picked up the business in small doses, after some time I was able to start functioning more and more. Spiritual connection became stronger and I felt like I had some purpose again. 25 years later, I am still in business, rebranded some 9 years ago, left the city and headed to country and my healing continues through business. Business is more than a means of financial support for me and my children. It strengthens my spiritual & cultural connection. Connects me to everything that is continued healing. Language, mother earth, dreamtime, dance, song and everything in between.
My heartache will never mend, the daily reminder that there is always one missing, always one missing out on our family adventures, and the one part of my heart and soul that went to the dreamtime with my baby.


Donations can be made to the following bank account or at Warakirri Cafe in Mudgee:

The Pure Foundation:
BSB: 062-000
Account: 15010056
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