Indigiearth Performers

Performers of Mother Earth, Paying Respects to Mother Earth

Indigiearth traditional Aboriginal Dance Group will entertain and educate audiences with rituals from the Aboriginal culture that are thousands of years old.

For more than twenty years, Indigiearth have performed with passion and pride across Australia and internationally.

Major performances have included Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks, Keanu Reaves, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Germany, Poland, New Zealand, Rugby World cup, Channel 10 and much more.

Indigiearth male and female dancers are professional, reliable Aboriginal performers with years of experience from various tribal areas of NSW and Queensland. All songs and dances performed are under the approval and guidance of the appropriate elders.

Each performance will vary depending on the type of entertainment required, and could include the Welcome and Opening Ceremony, traditional storylines such as ‘Creation, ‘The Dreaming‘Mother Child Learning Places and more. 

Specific events may require tailored choreography.

Our dance group is unique for our performances of song and dance from the Ngemba language, the only dance group showcasing the unique culture that is alive and strong in North West NSW with traditional language, song, dance, traditional artefacts, musical instruments and stories of the NgembaNation.  

Our performers area also able to teach Aboriginal song, dance and rituals of traditional dance to students of all ages.